Unit IBL701: – International Trade Law

International Trade Law offers a comprehensive and informed analysis of the complexities of an international sale transaction through case law, policy documents, legislation, international conventions and rules adopted by international organizations. Learners will be able to understand international sales transaction, environmental analysis while doing international trade, legal issues and financial forecasting process.

Write a piece of paper (based on research within the legal and academic context) to describe key challenges and issues for companies/businesses operating globally.

To support your answer, you should demonstrate how the global environment, regulations and legal issues have an impact on businesses operating in the across the border and how these businesses maintain their compliance with those legislation and industry regulations.

In the International Trade Law, you have been given following tasks to write an assignment of minimum 3000 words in length to meet the following assessment criteria (A.C).

Task 1:
Critically explain the concept of strategic trade, environmental competition and preferential trade arrangements in the international trade.

Guideline word count: 1000-1500 words
A.C. 1.1 – Explain the role of international competition policy for environmental regulations and strategic environmental protection for any organization doing trade globally. A.C. 1.2 – Explain the concept of classical theory of distortions to measure trade barriers.

A.C. 1.3 – Critically describe types and rationales for preferential agreements.
Assignment Brief – International Trade Law
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A.C. 1.4 – Critically explain the economic bases of the rules and principles of the GATT.

Task 2:
Evaluate the underlying principles, practices, rules and regulation of international sales contracts.
Guideline word count: 1000-1500 words
A.C. 2.1 – Assess constitutes for the contract for Sales of goods and products.
A.C. 2.2 – Assess the rights and obligations imposed under international sales contracts.
A.C. 2.3 – Evaluate the validity of rights and obligation of international sales contracts.
A.C. 2.4 – Evaluate the implications of making international contract online.

Task 3:
Assess various issues associated to an organization trading globally.

Guideline word count: 1000-1500 words

A.C. 3.1 – Identify various types exchange rate, regulatory and legal associated to an organization trading at an international level.

A.C. 3.2 – Critically assess legal rules relating to the financing of international sales.

Learners are required to complete all tasks.

Assignment Guidelines All work must be submitted in a single electronic document (.doc file).

Overall word count guide: 3000 (Minimum)

Plagiarism and Collusion
Assignment Brief – International Trade Law
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In submitting the assignment Learner’s must complete a statement of authenticity confirming that the work submitted for all tasks is their own. The statement should also include the word count. Plagiarism and collusion are treated very seriously. Plagiarism involves presenting work, excerpts, ideas or passages of another author without appropriate referencing and attribution. Collusion occurs when two or more learners submit work which is so alike in ideas, content, wording and/or structure that the similarity goes beyond what might have been mere coincidence. Appendices Separate Appendices should not be used. Any use of tables, graphs, diagrams, Gantt chart and flowcharts etc. that support the main report should be incorporated into the back of the assignment report that is submitted. Any published secondary information such as annual reports and company literature, should be referenced in the main text of the assignment but not included. Confidentiality Where a Learner is using organizational information that deals with sensitive material or issues, they must seek the advice and permission from that organization about its inclusion. Where confidentiality is an issue, Learners are advised to anonymize their assignment report so that it cannot be attributed to that particular organization. Word Count Policy In total, the assignment report should be minimum 3000 words. Learners must comply with the required word count, within a margin of +15%. These rules exclude the index (if used), headings and information contained within references and bibliographies. When an assessment task requires learners to produce presentation slides with supporting notes, the word count applies to the supporting notes only. Referencing and Professionalism A professional approach to work is expected from all learners. Learners must therefore identify and acknowledge ALL sources/methodologies/applications used. The learner must use an appropriate referencing system to achieve this. Marks are not awarded for the use of English; however the learner must express ideas clearly and ensure that appropriate terminology is used to convey accuracy in meaning. Submission of Assignments All work must be submitted in a single electronic document (.doc/.docx file).

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