Use the attached form to answer the questions. because the assignment is about my family there is a full summary of my families food history on that worksheet

1. In paragraph form, using complete sentences, describe the food history of the individuals you interviewed answering ALL the questions on the worksheet.
○ Personal food history
○ Food Procurement and Preparation
○ Food Traditions
○ Food Changes
Part 3 (20 points)
1. Compare and contrast the food history of each generation including yourself.
○ Include similarities and differences in typical foods consumed and favorite foods.
2. How has food procurement and food preparation changed between generations?
○ How do changes compare to the way you procure and prepare food?
○ In what ways have changes in food procurement and preparation affected the types and nutritional quality of foods consumed?
3. How has the significance of family meals (eating together as a family on a daily basis) changed over time?
○ How do these changes relate to your experiences with family meals?
○ How has the frequency of meals eaten away from home changed over time?

4. How have food traditions (holidays, religious holidays or events, birthdays, Sunday dinners, etc.) changed over time?
o How do these changes relate to your food tradition experiences?
o Are there family recipes you make or plan to make with your family?

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