Essay Topic

Decreasing antibiotic therapy regimens: To be good antibiotic stewards, it is important to make sure your patients are taking the right antibiotic and for the correct amount of time. In some cases, shortening the duration of antimicrobial therapy might be an important strategy for reducing antimicrobial resistance. What is the rationale behind this, is it a good idea, and when might this be appropriate?



  • Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font
  • Word limit=2500 words. Successful papers tend to be 4
  • Three-five sources (Two of the resources MUST be primary and the rest)
  • Proper citation using MLA format

Additional things to consider when engaging the assignment

There are many issues in science that are considered controversial. The solution to a given problem is not always clear.  Fortunately, studies are conducted to assess the problem at hand and possible mitigation strategies.  Unfortunately, many studies can be conflicting.  It is our job as scientists and critical thinkers to sift through the data presented to us, so we can make educated decisions and recommendations based on our analyses of the data. It is time to start comparing the conflicting data that is presented to the scientific community and put your analyses down on paper in the form of a review.  Consider the following:

  1. What is the current knowledge of the topic?
  2. What recent work has been done in this field?
  3. How can the literature you found be used to construct a coherent argument on this topic?
  4. Is your argument clear and supported by current research/evidence? How strongly does this evidence refute past or current conflicting evidence?
  5. What are other schools of thought/perspectives on this topic? Why do some opinions/ideas hold more weight than others?
  6. In short, we want you to fully reason through your final assertion.

I have attached a target rubric that the professor will be following to grade the paper so if you can please look at this target rubric, so I can have a successful paper

Plus, I have attached a paper that was grading based on the target rubric that was scored a B+ as an example for you to follow so please take these 2 documents I attached into considerations


  • DO NOT Use words like I, we, and you are informal in scientific writing. Eliminate phrases such as “I believe”- these don’t make very strong arguments anyway.
  • DO NOT use Wikipedia, WebMD, or other unverified internet sources

Make sure

  • Use high quality references
  • Paraphrase and properly cite all sources used using MLA guidelines

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