Due: Week 5


A company has a centralized accounting system. Each individual department currently compiles its accounting paper transactions from its local accounting system. To eliminate the paper and increase efficiency,          come up with a plan to implement an interface from each individual department’s accounting system to the centralized accounting system.



Prepare a summary to the Audit Manager naming and describing the most critical controls that you would recommend in this particular case. You are required to search beyond the chapter (i.e., IT literature and/or any other valid external sources) to support your response. Include examples, as appropriate, to evidence your case.



Submit a Word document with a cover page, responses to the task below, and a reference section at the end. The submitted file should be five (5) pages long (double line spacing), including cover page and references. Be ready to present your work to the class. Submit your paper to the Assignments dropbox titled for this activity by the date specified by your instructor.


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