In this assignment, please answer the following questions, integrating your own experience and perspective with terms and course theory from course readings and in-class material.

Analyze your video demonstration, discussing what skills were demonstrated, why they were they effective, and how they could be improved. You should incorporate any feedback you received from class members. Use APA format where necessary.

In your analysis include:

1. A discussion of the effectiveness of the communication skills demonstrated in your video  demonstration. Provide examples of effective communication skills that were demonstrated. Describe why they were effective.

2. A discussion of the skills requiring improvement (from the video demonstration). Provide examples of instances where they could be improved and how they could have been improved. What learning are you taking away from this exercise? Moving forward what strategies might you employ to work on and improve these skills?

3. Reflect on the process of working in a small group for the video assignment. What did you learn from others when preparing this video assignment? What feedback did you get from other students in your group and how did this contribute to your self-awareness as a professional communicator? What challenges did you face working in a group for this assignment?

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