Economic events in the US and world wide indicate that the wealth of a very few people in the top 1 – 2% of the population is expanding, poverty is deepening for many, many, too many, people, and the fewer and fewer people are actually middle class.
1. Research and discuss a specific example of the impact of economic inequality WORLD-WIDE? Be specific in discussing and citing an example of what’s going on in the everyday lives of people who are poor.

2. From a sociological perspective, what are some of the contributing factors that lead to this growing inequality? That is, discuss two ’causes’ from a sociological perspective.
Using the information from this and other modules, how do you understand growing poverty?

3. Think back, again, to how Schwalbe described us as intertwined. Given this, what do you think you personally can do on a small scale local level to make a difference for others in relation to economic inequality?
You will need to do some research to answer these questions; document 2 sources.
Cite your sources in the following manner: “Retrieved on (current date) from (cut and paste URL site information — will begin with http://)”

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