Project Title: Desert Taco Opportunity

Description: Based on initial feedback from customer surveys, online discussion/social media groups, and SWOT analyses, you’ve determined that there is an opportunity to increase your organization’s customer base through the introduction of desert tacos in your food truck menu.

Project Objectives:

  • Identify the top 3 potential customer groups for this opportunity and describe their characteristics and preferences.
Operational Step Responsible Person Timeline
Review the organization’s customer database to determine potential customer groups Leo (Market Research Manager) 9/30 (1 week)
Identify the top 3 groups to target based upon volume, brand loyalty, and location Betty (Director of Marketing) 10/7 (2 weeks)
Survey customers regarding food preferences and potential menu items Tom (Customer Service Representative) 10/21 (4 weeks)
Share customer feedback with inventory and operational teams Betty/Tom 10/28 (5 weeks)


Determine the top 5 locations and times to complete a pilot study with your test market.

Operational Step Responsible Person Timeline
Review sales data to determine peak sales opportunities by location Jim (Director of Sales) 9/30 (1 week)
Identify the top 5 locations in which to conduct the desert taco pilot Jim 10/7 (2 weeks)
Create marketing collateral and social media communications to promote the desert taco pilot Oliver (Media Relations Manager) 10/21 (4 weeks)
Provide expected volume and product information for the inventory team Jim 10/7 (2 weeks)


Estimate the required inventory and supply chain needs necessary to support the desert taco pilot

Operational Step Responsible Person Timeline
Based on expected customer volume, locations, and times, determine the product inventory required to support the pilot. Louise (Controller) 10/14 (3 weeks)
Source supply companies and obtain product pricing quotes and delivery timelines. Louise 10/21 (4 weeks)
Determine shipment and storage needs to support the pilot. Louise and Ben (Operations Manager) 10/21 (4 weeks)
Purchase product for the pilot and arrange transportation to support the desert taco pilot at the various locations. Louise 10/28 (5 weeks)


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