Discussion 2

Question 1

Research is usually carried in varied in specific areas of study aimed at enlightening people about discoveries or understanding.  On the other hand, a literature review is a significant component of research that supports the arguments in the research by refer to what other authors have researched and documented regarding the topic of the research.  Making citation to other researcher’s work corroborate that the research work is not casually. There is a strong correlation between the literature review and the supposition of research. It is so because the research question or rather a supposition forms the foundation of the research. Besides, the literature review ensures that the content of the paper is professional since it offers an opportunity for the writer to validate the use of given material in the research work.

 Question 2

In the article by Greenwood et al., the research question bears a firm argument as is backed with a literature review from different authors. The research study by Ball-Rokeach as well as Rock each is used to depict the consistency of test-retest.  Regarding the research value on variation among groups is supported by the work Egri and Ralstons. The basis for testing the authenticity of reliability as well as validity regarding cross-cultural studies were indeed done by using the concept from Connor and Becker’s research. Besides, the tabular presentation of instrumental as well as terminal values by Rokeach is perfectly integrated into the research paper. The above article complements the question perfectly since it brings about the variation between terminal values that subsists among generation X and Y as well as baby boomers.  Besides, the separation of the literature review into generations and value studies makes the work simple make out the association present between human values and different ages.

Question 3

The literature review in the article of netting et al. outline the meaning of roles as well as models that are relevant to this research. Besides, the splitting up of literature into different segments perfectly explains the hypothesis of the research study. Moreover, the author makes reference to Conney & Weaver depict the part plaid by those who participated, staff, employees, and volunteers who are used to support the argument of the study.  The constructive approach of educational learning in Cohen and Weaver’s work proves that constructive action, as well as action learning, is the basis of knowledge.

Question 4

My research topic hypothesis is to discuss the variation between classical Hollywood Cinema and the New Hollywood film production that subsisted between 1917 and1940 as well from 1960 to 1980.  Besides, to find out how technology defined film production in the latter period.

The key terms: Technology, Classical Hollywood cinema, and New Hollywood film production.

I selected the article written by Stephen, which is entitled; “Authorship and Hollywood.” The Oxford Guide to Film Studies (1998): 310-24. It will also answer some questions concerning management and the hypotheses developed in my area of study. This article has rich information concerning the management of more prominent offices and departments of governments. This will significantly add to my arguments and conclusions about departmental company management. The above article offers in-depth film production in Hollywood including its evolution over the years since its inception to the modern days.  Therefore, this article contains information which is going to offer me understanding and facts regarding film production in Hollywood and how technology has enabled it to evolve over the years. As well, the resource is going to help tackle the research question adequately.

Works Cited

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