analyse the international supply chain networks of LVMH Group or Health co MLILY Mattress. This requires students to evaluate real life in the light of theories presented to them. This will ensure that they will be aware of strengths and weaknesses of these theories and how real life can be explained by using multiple of these. Then they will be asked to use the theories to give a supply chain network design change decision based on the decision-making tools that they have learned.

Follow this list:

  • Select any size company that should have international production abroad, preferably a multinational.
  • Analyze their supply chain first through their cost vs efficiency trade-offs.
  • Then look at 6 different components of global supply chains and select the right combinations to achieve your analysis of cost vs. efficiency trade-off.
  • Finally show how these components are connected to each other through distribution networks. You should be able to draw your own distribution network
  • You should end up with recommendation at the either product or regional level.



Brief introduction to company and the essay, not more than 50 words.


Selecting International Strategy (25%)


Select one of the four possible international strategies. Draw a diagram to locate them and possibly show how the company is moving from one to another.


Select a matching Global Supply Chain Strategy (25%)

Match the international business strategy with a global supply chain strategy trade-off between cost and responsiveness.


Explain how this strategy can be applied through the elements of global supply chain.

(25%, which is 5% for each element)

Please use the five elements of global supply chain: facilities, inventory, transportation, information sharing and procurement to explain how they can achieve the global supply chain strategy trade-off.


Facilities- Centralisation vs Decentralisation; Capacity; Manufacturing Methodology or Warehousing Technology


Inventory- Cycle inventory, seasonal inventory and safety inventory

Transportation- Mode of transportation, Route and Network Selection, in house or outsource.

Information Sharing- push vs pull, information integration, enabling technologies, forecasting and aggregate planning.


Procurement- in house vs outsource, single vs multiple.

Explain how these elements are integrated to each other (25%)

Explain the global distribution network design of the company by integrating these five elements together.


Explain how they can improve their global supply chain through either expanding or generating new locations.

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