Students will be expected to write and submit journal entries throughout the semester, in which they reflect on disability issues that we will address during the course. In these reflective entries, students select a disability issue and elaborate on how their own experiences, discussions, the course readings, and current events relate to this issue. Through the journal entries, students will demonstrate their understanding of the issues discussed and the readings for the week, and use these ideas and reflections to enhance their own awareness and understanding of disability.  Each Journal entry should be 3/4 to 1 page. Points will be awarded based on the student’s self-reflection, relevance to course, understanding of the topic, and use of complete sentences and proper grammar. .

Write your entry reflecting on what new thing(s) you learned over the last couple of classes; this can be written in first person. Select three concepts, theories, or themes from the list below of topics we covered during the semester to date and explaining why the topic you selected is important to you, the larger community and world.  Your journal should have three distinct sections addressing the following components for EACH topic you selected.

  • Pick a concept, theory, or discussion we covered and define the topic and share what you have learned about the topic through the class
  • Explain why the topic you selected is important to you, the larger community and world.
  • Provide a description of what you would like to learn more about the topic and provide a reason why.
  • Provide a description of how you will use the information you have learned about the topic in your everyday living, at your job, or to help your community.

  Additional Journal Instructions

  1. Writer must type assignments in Microsoft Word:
    • Double-spaced
    • 12-point Ariel or Times New Roman font
    • One-inch margins
  2. Writer does nothave to provide a title page BUT must provide a creative title– “My Journal Entry”  is NOT Creative
  3. Writer does nothave to provide an abstract
  4. BOLDthe three terms/concepts/topics you are covering within your journal.
  5. Writer must cite atleast two (2) academic sources utilized within the on-line class space; you can use others, however, two much be from class resources.
  6. Writer must cite information where appropriate including statistics, figures, numbers, pictures, charts, graphs, and quotations as well as provide the information in the reference section as well as in the text of the document.
  7. Writer must provide an APA Referencesection for all journal entries in proper form.


List of concepts

  • mobility disabilities
  • intellectual disabilities
  • sensory disabilities
  • disability and multicultural issues
  • stigma
  • comparative cultures
  • cultural context of disabilities
  • primary caregiver
  • aging
  • healthcare
  • social services
  • quality of life
  • advocacy
  • independence


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