The purpose of this project is to expose the student to the world of organizational development. Each student will choose an organization that is in “trouble” and develop a plan of action to solve the “trouble”.The company selected may a company like Eron or a local company or organization. Each student will research the above organization and discuss the following issues:
1.State the name of the organizations product or service.
2.Discuss the organization’s style of management.
3.State the number of employees employed at this organization.
4.Discuss the length of time this organization has been in “trouble”.
5.Discuss the solution to this “trouble”.
6.State your budget for “solving” this trouble.
7.State the time line for completion of this consulting job.
8.State what follow up you plan to use for this organization.
Students must select an organization other than their place of employment. This paper must be 3-5 pages in length not including the cover page. You must have at least three journal or book references. This paper will have an one inch margin and use 12 fonts. APA style will be used.

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