To what extent is there a differentiation between the recruitment and radicalization techniques utilized in Islamist (extremist) terror organisations e.g. Daesh and alt right (extremist) organisations or groups.
How are individuals radicalized? Forms of recruitment/radicalization: online targeting and propelling of propaganda, especially in regards to foreign policy failures in one’s home country and foreign intervention e.g. Iraq War – utilization of emotive concepts to indoctrinate? Psychological manipulation and pathway to Radicalization? Social media/online recruitment?
Counter Terrorism policies response on said recruitment techniques?
Utilize articles provided but also other sources (minimum 18)

Dissertation Literature Review Guide:
– By theoretical/explanatory position
– Assessing the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the existing scholarship
– Summarizing / background / debate
Compare and contrast the sources:
• How are they similar or different?
• What are the strengths and limitations in relation to one another?
• What have other people missed?

• It should have a mini introduction
• Main argument about limits of literature
• Signpost structure
• Sections
• Justify selection of material (relevance)
• Start general and narrow down
• Summarise main findings from the literature review

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