Module Assignment Questions

  1. What does FAA Advisory Circular 120-51E have to say about ADM?
  2. Define ADM and list key elements.
  3. What are hueristics and how do they impact ADM?
  4. What are some other threats to effective ADM?
  5. What are the key elements in the DECIDE model?
  6. What are rule-based and knowledge-based decisions used by aircrews? Give an example of each type of decision.
  7. Do you agree with the statement that aircrews generally make better decisions than individuals? Explain your answer, giving an example from your personal experience as either an aircrew or a team member.
  8. In risk management, what is meant by the principle, “never accept a high risk for a low gain?” Give an example.
  9. What is the difference between a hazard and a risk? Give an example of each in your organization.
  10. What is the purpose and necessity of using some type of risk assessment matrix in flight operations? Explain what you mean.  What type of risk assessment does your organization use?

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