Personal Marketing Plan Assignment
MAR 6805 – PMBA
Due: End of Week 7
The purpose of this assignment is to apply a campaign planning process and facilitate hands-on application of marketing strategy development. In business and life, you will at some point need to prepare a pitch style presentation, either to inform, sell, or seal a deal. With that in mind, you will develop your Personal Marketing Plan as a PowerPoint type presentation, as if you were going to present your plan to a potential decision-maker.
What to Include in Your Personal Marketing Plan
For this assignment you should include the following sections as a guide to articulate your strategies and resources in achieving your revenue objectives.
This is not something that can be completed overnight – it takes some well thought-out analysis and reflection. Be visual, creative, and specific.
Divide the plan into the following segments in a PowerPoint style presentation:
Title and Table of Contents
Executive Summary …
Research/ Intel
Analytics and Conclusion
Title and Table of Contents
A. Your name
B. A title that describes you and your goals (get creative)
C. Table of Contents (just section titles with page numbers)
Executive Summary
A. Your introduction of your industry/company
B. Your Focus or overall goal for this plan, Industry you plan to pursue (or stay in)
C. Your personal mission and professional
Value Proposition (Elevator Pitch) –
a. See Leading Principles questions in
the Zoom recording link and
instruction page
D. Expected outcomes
A. Brand: Your professional brand description (Personal/Professional Branding)
B. Buyer Persona (networking): Audience you plan to focus on for your plan (content delivery, recruiter, etc)
a. Psychographic details (individual culture)
b. Potential Keywords – what keywords would they be using that you might include in your content/promotion
c. Communication Channels – what channels would they be consuming that you could utilize?
C. Industry: Competitive Landscape
a. Blue Ocean style analysis describing your career interests and how you might match up to fellow candidates
D. SWOT Analysis
a. Key strengths/skills per Branding Assessment Synthesis section
b. Recognizing your weaknesses and potential skills per Branding
Assessment Synthesis
A. Objectives of your campaign goals
a. What two objectives will you need to accomplish?
i. Skills/tools needed
ii. Tactics needed
B. What key performance indicators (KPI) will you need for benchmarking your
success of each objective?
a. What are the minimum requirements?
b. What measurable outcomes do you need?
This section highlights the details of your objectives timeline. The idea is to pick your “launch/publish” date and then work backwards for when each task needs to be designed, formatted, tested, approved, etc. You may use the a GANTT style chart or design one of your own to capture your details
A. What tasks need to be completed and by when and how long they will each take.
B. What are the progress goals throughout the measurable time period for your KPIs?
A. Metrics
a. Based on your type of content and/or campaign, what metrics do you anticipate needing to monitor? (leads, likes/shares, Loyalty, etc)
b. How will you measure? Excel, Google, LinkedIn, Ads, etc.
A. What would a successful plan/campaign look like when it’s complete?
B. Soft close (sales style) – why would we want to hire you, work with you, promote you, approve your pitch idea?

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