Greetings I would like to have a 3 pages essay (1500 words) about (What is a ‘native English speaker’ and should English teachers be ‘native’? )
Discuss in relation to the literature on the subject and refer to specific contexts and situations where appropriate.

I have attached draft of outline and my teacher comments in another file. You may use my references that I use in my outline.

The essay will be:

Introduction (150 words)
Body 1: who are the native-speaker and non-native-speaker. ( 500 words)
• Definition and being or becoming native-speaker. (Leonard, 2019, pp. 688 – 689).
• Native-speaker and non-native-speaker traits

Body 2 : Comparison between native and non-native speakers for English teachers. ( 400 words)
• Strengths, weaknesses and comparatives, such as good and bad in teaching communication skills, teaching grammar and the accent.

Body 3: Should English teacher be a native? ( 300 words)

• The native English teachers are better than non-native English teachers, Is it real or myth?
The writer opinion will be :((while many researchers claim that native speaker is better than non-native-speaker as English teacher, I believe that both have the same qualification as they go through a similar process and step to get a teaching certification and license. ))

• Employment preferences and privileges for native English teachers. (Leonard, 2019, 694).

Conclusion: ( 150 words)
References: ( Harvard style references)

The writer my enhance the essay and modify and add more references ( 5 references in this essay are required)

Please write the essay as it written by international student ( no very complex & complicated sentences)

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