Reflective Consumption Diary Guidelines
· Reflective diary entries should contain at least 4 separate posts – one post per week.
· Demonstrate reflective writing:
1. Description: What consumption practice are you discussing? What happened and how did it occur?
2. Interpretation: What is most important or interesting about this event? How can theory or concepts from the course help explain? How does your real-life observations differ from theory?
3. Outcome: What have you learned from this? How will your reflections shape your future thoughts on consuming or consumption practice?
· Offer your personal view and use first person language.
· Reflections are a backwards process of evaluating the past and require relaying thoughts, feelings and previous views.
· Reflections should critically challenge prior thinking and highlight revelations or changes in thought or opinions.
The assignment should be created using Microsoft Sway and should incorporate images, media and videos where appropriate. Images should be captioned (e.g. Figure 1.1) and sources indicated for copyright purposes. Any references to theory or concepts should use full citations and a short reference list on a separate ‘card’.

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