Instructions for Article Critique – (3-5 pages)

The articles are available on the Blackboard page for the course in the folder titled “Article Critique”.

1. Choose one article and read it. Take notes as you read. These will help guide your formulation of your ideas later. For example:
What is the main point or goal of the writer? What questions does the article make you think of?

2. Read the article for a second time.

3. Summarize the main points of the work. Choose 3 main points to discuss and describe, briefly, how each of the main points is made.

4. Organize your points into 5 paragraphs. These will form the bulk of your critique. Each paragraph should address the point that the author is making, the support that is offered for that point and whether it is weak or strong, whether you agree or disagree with the point and why. Comment on the research that the author cites, the facts presented and the opinion expressed.

5. Do this for each of the three main points you have chosen.

Format (how to put your critique in order):

Name, Fall, 2019
Title of Article

Typed and double spaced. You can submit your critique as an attachment to an email either through Blackboard or the college email.
You can separate the critique into paragraphs based on the outline above. Use bullet points for emphasis.

Use only 1 of the articles listed below

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