Health Services Management I

Cross-Functional Team Presentation And Evaluation Memo


•  As managers or administrators, we are often called upon to present information in a concise manner to other employees. Thus, effective oral communication skills are critical in management.

  • Also, we often must collaborate with colleagues from other parts of the organization, having expertise different than ours. Building consensus and understanding different perspectives to achieve a unified goal and common mission is crucial to the success of a healthcare

Assignment: Cross-Functional Team Presentation and Evaluation Memo


There are two parts to this assignment.

  1. The Students will present on the multiple dimensions of the Triple Aim framework from the perspective of a healthcare organization. (3content slides for each dimension; each student presents for approximately two minutes for each Dimension).

Both of the following Dimensions have to do with the Maimonides Hospital Bay ridge Dyker Heights community. Using the following link to find out about NYC Community Health Profiles 2018 – Use this resource to learn about your hospital’s community.

  1. Improving the patient experience of care Dimension (with a focus on Prevention, Lifestyle changes and The Social Determinants of health)
  2. Population Health Dimension (with a focus on Quality and Satisfaction)
  3. Individually, each student will write a memo (one page) to share his/her experience with t team projects throughout the

For this you can write something broad about how it is like to work alone on a project versus having to work with a Team.

Part I – Presentation

  1. Improving the patient experience of care Dimension(with a focus on Prevention, Lifestyle changes and The Social Determinants of health)
  2. Population Health Dimension(with a focus on Quality and Satisfaction
  3. Goal: The purpose of this assignment is to develop a Power point presentation on how a healthcare organization can apply all two dimensions of the Triple Aim framework to improve health outcomes and reduce per capital costs or maintain them at a reasonable level. This will be done by highlighting the dimensions of patient experience of care, health of populations

Situation: You work for a health organization that serves as a key resource and safety net for vulnerable populations in the community. The CEO/Executive Director has developed a cross- functional team with experts in patient experience of care, health of populations, and per capita costs to help him/her better understand the Triple Aim and how to implement it.

Instructions for Power point

To prepare for your oral presentation to the organization’s executives, you create a set of PowerPoint slides that answer the following questions. The Powerpoint must answer these questions.


  • What type of healthcare organization (HCO) is your team representing?
  • What is the Triple Aim? What is the purpose of the Triple Aim?
  • How are the different dimensions of the Triple Aim defined?


  • Which community does the HCO service?
    • What are the demographics?
    • Give a brief assessment of the community
  • What are the pressing issues of the HCO and/or the community?
  • What needs to be changed?

Recommendations and Resources

  • What are 2 strategiesone per Triple Aim dimension – best suited to improve the situation? In other words, provide three well-developed and cited examples (one per student) on how your healthcare organization can implement the Triple Aim (as a whole) to address challenges in the healthcare system, in the organization, and in the community.
  • What resources – community, organizational, monetary, etc. – will the organization need to implement these strategies? Are new protocols, policies, and/or partnerships needed by health administrators in your organization? Explain and give clear examples.
  • If you need money, where can you get it from? For example, grants, use of volunteers rather than hiring. Read the literature to understand the possibilities. Be realistic in your

Impact and Measures

  • What is the overall impact of the proposed strategies? What will they do for the health and well-being of the community?
  • How will the strategies be measured (indicators) to monitor them and determine if a positive change is being made – that you are achieving the goals of the strategies?

Tip: There should be an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. While you do not want to be too detailed, the slides should provide sufficient information to guide you while presenting. Additionally, they should grab your audience’s attention. However, the audience should not be focused on reading the slides; and therefore, the bullet points should be short and to the point. When thinking of what to put on the slides, ask yourself the following two questions:

1) What are the salient points of my talk?

  • What key message(s) do I want to get across?

Format: Six (6) to eight (8) content slides; include in text citations in the slides; charts and other visuals are required but remember to keep a good balance between text and visuals; a list of references at the end is required. Peer academic references.  Remember to have a title slide. The title and reference slides are not content slides.


Part II – Evaluation Memo

Write a one (1) page memo to communicate your experience as a member of a team, the team process, and the use of collaboration technology for team work. You are to include the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Based on this experience, provide tips or recommendations for future teams. In other words, what strategies regarding effective team work would you have liked someone to share with you? You may use one team experience from this semester or you may discuss both team experiences. Consider sharing what you learned from your first experience this semester and how you attempted to implement this new skill in your second team experience.


Structure (1-2 single-spaced pages)

  • Heading segment
  • Opening segment – purpose of memo
  • Context – brief background
    • Name the team members
    • Briefly state the purpose of the assignment/s.
  • Task segment
    • Provide feedback on using a collaboration technology platform for learning and for team work – What did your team use? Was it useful?
    • One team strength
    • One team weakness
    • One strategy regarding effective group work
  • Summary segment


Instructions I have attached to this a memo tutorial and a memo handout

  • Use professional memo template (simple and clean).
  • Direct the memo to your
  • Include all of the sections noted
    • Each student submits his/her own evaluation


You will be graded on:

  • How well you follow instructions (demonstrated by the content you provide)
    • Inclusion of all the required elements to complete the assignment
  • How well you address the case, analyze the issue, and present the strategies using the research literature to support all ideas
  • Your writing skills including:
    • Grammar & punctuation
    • Coherence of ideas
    • Summarizing information into your own words
    • Support for argument/point of view (use parenthetical in-text citations, as needed)
    • Organization
    • Clarity and conciseness
    • Use of the APA style to format in-text citations and references

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