• What is your chosen topic? Space Law treaties
  • Why does this topic interest you? this topic interest me because like the FAA there are entities that control and dictate certain missions. I am curious to know how this has grown over the years and if it would cause any hindrance in the future .
  • What lens will you utilize and why? I will use historical emphasis on conquering and the space race which proceeded countries to come together to lay out ground rules.
  • Do you know anything about this topic? no
  • Beyond using search engines, encyclopedias of various types (Wikipedia, History.com, etc.) to find background material, what other sources will you be looking for?¬† I will pull from the treaties that have aged over the years and do a contrast in which aviation has grown to certain extents .

Research Paper Checkpoint: Preliminary References


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Research Paper Checkpoint: Research Question and Thesis Statement

Research question:

What kind of impact did the space law treaties have with international relations, development of future explorations and treaties that would blossom to counteract.

Landing on the moon was always a far away future utopia for technology until 1920 when the space race was prompted. The space race began when to super powers were at war with each other during the Cold war. This prompted nations to create a treaty which would be based on international space laws. As of 2019, 109 countries have signed the treaty and have maintained this agreement . This would impact future explorations because it limits countries just to explore celestial bodies rather than settle and claim it for a certain state. Future treaties that would sprout were clearly created to keep these bodies for only peaceful purposes; so this meant that no nuclear would be permitted in space. These treaties would influence the future of space forever.

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