Before and after.

Think back over this module. What did you know before studying the module, what knowledge has been improved and what did you learn for the first time? (300 words)

If you could go back to the start what would you do differently? Knowing this how will you make sure you will not make the same mistakes going forwards?


Biomedical Science is a field holding huge potential. Under the support of government and media, the biotechnology industry has become one of the five largest industry which attracts most investment. In 2019, 15 billion RMB is invested in Chinese Biotechnology companies. Having attended an academic conference of CRISPR/Cas9 technique in China, I found this technology has a revolutionary meaning in gene therapy and medical science. Even the ethical dilemma needs to be cautiously considered, the breakthrough in cancer study contributed to the development of science. ( give u a reference:

As a student majored in Biomedical Science, I did deeper research in this technology and found it might be the crucial part for human being to surmount many harsh obstacles in genetic manipulation. Luckily, Chinese government paid huge attention on tech-related developments. Both financial assistant and human capital are invested. I always believe that technical problems cannot halt the pace human being moving ahead in the future. Cancer and other currently deadly diseases will be sealed in history. To dedicate myself into the field benefiting everyone on the earth, I made up my mind to dive deeper in what I have been longing to pursue. That’s why I chose to study in the UK.

What does professionalism mean to you and how do you rate your level of professionalism?

Comment on your positive developments throughout the semester. What areas have you shown your greatest improvements with regards to your professional development?

More In-depth and comprehensive than these in China.

Think of areas where you still need to improve with regards to your professional development?

What are they and how will you improve them?


What percentage attendance do you have? If it is over 90% that is good but if not how are you going to learn what you have missed?  Yes…over 90%

Give a short review (400 words) on how your professional attitude has it changed? Do you have better understanding of SOPs, quality assurance or lab automation? if so how are you going to maintain your level or professionalism or what do you need to do to improve it?

Lab Reflection

Here reflect on your labs throughout this module and then give an overall reflection of your experiences in the lab. You need to reflect on what you did well/need to improve on (state how). Simply putting what you did in each lab is not good enough.  (total number of words 1000)


Lab 3 – ADD SUITABLE TITLE – reflection

Lab 4 – ADD SUITABLE TITLE – reflection

Lab 5 – ADD SUITABLE TITLE – reflection

Lab 6 – ADD SUITABLE TITLE – reflection

Lab 7 – ADD SUITABLE TITLE – reflection

Lab 8 – ADD SUITABLE TITLE – reflection


Applying your skills and transferable skills

Give an example from the course or other suitable source where you have applied the skill. (300 words)

Health and safety.

Ensured you results were valid.

Use of computer technology to analyze results.

Used an electronic lab book inside or outside of the lab.


You will soon be applying for jobs or further postgraduate study. What do you want to do next? Look online and find a suitable job, further education, or anything else relevant you could apply for once you complete your master’s degree. (You do not need to apply, this exercise will get you used to searching for opportunities for when you finish).

This does not have to be a UK based opportunity; you may choose an opportunity at a location that would be most applicable to you. If you are already employed tailor this to the job you already have. We will NOT contact any employers in relation to what you write here.




Is  this a job or further education opportunity?

To get my PhD.

Where did you find this opportunity (please include hyperlink – If appropriate)?

What are the prerequisites for applying?

Who would you contact about this position if you had a question? Provide their details here.

My pathway is Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology (This course starts in next term). I would like to look for related projects and my suitable Ph.D. advisor during my internship.

Do you possess these prerequisites? If so which ones?

Are there prerequisites you still need to acquire? If so which ones and how would you achieve this?


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