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Each of your answers should be written using your own words. Do not copy and paste from your textbook or an Internet source. Simply copying from the book word-for-word does not show me that you understand the concepts.  Ensure you cite your work and add reference(s) at the end of your journal. This assignment is designed to see if you are reading and understanding the material from your textbook and learning modules, so these should be the sources you are citing in your work. You should not need to do research from additional resources unless the question specifically asks you to do so; you should not be Googling the answers for these questions. Please add at least 2 references and cite them when needed. The majority should have your opinion added into each answer.

All questions are worth 20 points:  please copy and paste the journal questions into journal assignments. This will help you to ensure you answer all parts of every question.

Journal week 4

  1. When should opinions be used in a crime report? 
  2. Discuss .the issue of reader use conflict.
  3. What rights of the accused do the Fifth and Sixth Amendments protect in relation to interviewing and interrogations?
  4. Discuss the rule of law and totality of the circumstances and their importance to interviewing and interrogations?
  5. You be the judge. Using the cases discussed in your readings, write the opinion for the court relative to the admissibility of the following confession. Cite your cases and explain your reasoning as if this were a real case.

John and Jimmy Jones were suspected of a robbery in a liquor store on Fifth Avenue during which the owner was shot and killed. They were brought into the police station for questioning and placed in separate rooms. Officer Smith sat in the room with John and said nothing to him. After 15 minutes Officer Fitzpatrick opened the door to the interrogation room and said to Officer Smith, “Jimmy told me everything,” which was a lie, and then left. Officer Smith turned to Jimmy and said, “We do not need anything from you now. Talk to me if you want because we got the goods on you. It sounds like your brother put the whole thing on you.” John gave a full confession. A motion to suppress was brought in court by his attorney.


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