Name of expert: MSgt Overturf

Title of expert: 1st Shirt (liaison for enlistees)

Name of organization: 87th Civil Engineering Squadron, USAF

I had the opportunity to interview one of the military leaders in my squadron whose purpose is to serve the enlisted personnel and is the chief advisor to the commander concerning the enlisted members. She is the first person you hold a meeting with when contemplating transitioning out of service and into civilian life. Here are a few of the questions I asked:

  • What roadmap do you provide for the individual who seeks guidance when transitioning into civilian life?

“The roadmap when transitioning has multiple stops along the way and can only be successful when you are honest with yourself. Over the course of 5 months, you must visit with multiple programs assisting in a smooth transition. Family readiness, Military finance, Transition Assistance Program, Education Office, Military recruiter(s), and members commander is needed for a less stressful separation.”

  • How can this guide provide a sense of ease and not overwhelm them & their families?

“It takes community involvement to support and reassure the member and their family that they are not alone in this drastic change of lifestyle. Also, this support will build confidence towards a healthy mental well being.”

  • Are the programs provided enough for a successful transition?

“The military is always looking to improve and build upon the programs that are in place, but what is available serves as a stepping stone in the right direction.

  • Summary of interview:

In interviewing MSgt Overturf, the many programs that are in place for service members prior to separating elaborated on how overwhelming it is and how much support is given.  Being a service member, she would be the first person to seek but knowing the involvement of the many groups mentioned is new to me. Elaborating on the thesis, mentioning the many services and programs would be add to show the overwhelming and how much support there is to ease the members and families involved in the transition.

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