Based on the research paper under the attachment. It is required to submit a draft of your methods section that is relevant to the research paper. Use the textbook that has been purchased to do this paper. The methods section will cover the following on the 6 page paper: (text book will have everything you need to know for what is right way to do each questions)

  1. Research Design – What type of design are you using to investigate your hypothesis? Utilize what you learned in class to help you describe your research design specific to your hypothesis.
  2. Participants – Describe who your participants are, how you are going to recruit/select them, and how many participants you are going to select.
  3. Measures – What measures/instruments are you using in your research? You should have at least one measure for each of your variables. Describe each of the measures, what they are intended to measure, and why you selected that measure. Remember that you CANNOT make up your own measures. You need to find established measures already in the literature.
  4. Sample questionnaire – If your study involves the use of a questionnaire(s), attach a copy of the sample questionnaire you will use with your participants.
  5. Procedure – Describe what you are going to have participants do and how you are going to obtain consent and ensure they are treated ethically.
  6. Sample Consent form – At the end of draft paper 2, attach a sample of your consent form that you will be using with participants to gain their consent.
  7. Proposed Data Analysis – What type of data analysis will you use to test your hypothesis? What kind of results will you need to get to confirm your hypothesis?
  8. Limitations – What are some limitations of your proposed research?

-When writing this paper, Please use every day COMMON word we use to speak. In way its easy for the reader to understand.

-This is APA format.

Draft Paper 2 Grading Criteria


Name: Points Possible Points Earned
  • Research design explained


  • Participants are identified with recruitment strategy


  • Measures have been identified with rationale for choosing measures


  • Sample questionnaire attached


  • Procedure is explained along with ethical considerations


  • Sample consent form attached


  • Utilizes at least 3 research references


  • Spelling and grammar mistakes


·         APA format errors


  • Submitted late (-5/day)






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