Assessment task details and instructions

You are required to compile a portfolio report that demonstrates your theoretical and practical understanding of the broader influences on consumer behaviour in relation to consumption of beauty and personal care products. You can examine consumer behaviour in the broad category of beauty and personal care products or, alternatively, you can restrict the product categories examined (e.g. make up products only).

Your portfolio report should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding on the following topics:
a. The concepts of Decision Making Unit and Buyer Persona and their relevance for analyzing consumer behaviour in offline and/ or online contexts for beauty and personal care products (10 marks).

b. The Decision making models and their use in understanding consumer behaviour in this context of consumption (10 marks).

c. The influence of reference groups, lifestyle, consumer identity and paid influencers on consumer behaviour in the consumption of personal care and beauty products (in both online and offline contexts) (40 marks).

d. The influence of culture in consumer behaviour in relation to beauty and personal care products (20 marks).

e. What would be practical recommendations (two/max three ideally) for a company (from one of the examples previously given in the portfolio) that would like to enter this sector in a country of your choice? These should be based on your previous analysis and justified accordingly (10 marks).

f. Portfolio presentation and referencing (10 marks).

Your assignment should have a portfolio report format. As such, it should be seen as an ongoing project. You should be collecting, selecting, collating and working on the contents over the six weeks of the module. The portfolio should include a range of diverse materials such as pictures, tables, forum discussions (anonymised) in support of your analysis. The word count is ​5,000 words​ (excluding figures, charts, appendices, list of references). ​Any work beyond the 5,000 word limit will not be considered for marking ​ . Appendices should be no longer than 3 A4 single sided. The editorial requirements are: font Arial 12 and one and a half line spacing.

This is just an example of how likely the document must look like… I have attached the file as a link


These are a few details about how and what to do in an assignment


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