Module 5 Assignment

Part 1 – 4points

A research team conducted a study to examine the nature of the relationship between video game scores and overall academic performance among new nursing students. This study was informed by previous research  indicating that game proficiency is time-consuming and could interfere with time for other activities such as studying time. Nursing students willing to participate in the study were allowed to play a popular video game for 20 minutes. Researchers recorded scores at the end of the 20 minutes. Participants were also asked to provide their most recent transcript from which their overall academic numeric grade was extracted. Data obtained from participants in included as Part 1 data set



Variable 1: score        Definition: score on video game        variable type: continuous

Variable 2: grade       Definition: overall academic grade       variable type: continuous (0 to 100)


  1. Write the hypotheses
  2. Run the criteria of the pretest checklist (normality for both variables, linearity, and homoscedastiticity) and discuss your findings
  3. Run bivariate correlation, scatter plot with regression line and descriptive statistics for both variables and document your findings (r, p value, n, means, standard deviations) and hypothesis resolution
  4. Write a summary of your findings (up to 200words). Following the template discuss in class, include a summary of the study, the bivariate correlation, hypothesis resolution and implication of findings.

Part 2 – 6points

Part 2 dataset (a modified version of Polit2setB) contains data on a number of health variables. The SF-12 is a brief widely used measure of health status. In this dataset standardized scores were created using national norms based on a mean of 50.0 and SD of 10. For both subscales, higher scores represent more favorable health. Create a correlation matrix with four variables: Number of visits to the doctor in the past 12 months (docvisit); body mass index (bmi); standardized score on the Short-Form Health Survey or SF12, Physical health component scale (sf12phys); and standardized score on the Short-F Health survey, Mental Health component (sf12ment).

  1. On the SF-12 subscales, were women in this sample, on average, about as healthy both physically and mentally as people nationally?
  2. Are the correlations in the matrix presented above or below the diagonal?
  3. What is shown in the diagonal of the correlation matrix in the SPSS output?
  4. What is the strongest correlation in the matrix
  5. What is the weakest correlation in the matrix
  6. Which variable included in this analysis is most strongly correlated with the women’s body mass index (bmi)?

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