“Bioinformatic challenges of long-read nucleid acid sequencing technologies”

The learning objectives of this assignment are:

  1. To become familiar with sequencing technologies and specifically for long-read generating sequencing technologies such as the Oxford Nanopore
  2. To become familiar with the range of bioinformatics tools that can assist the analysis of long-read sequencing technologies
  3. To understand how bioinformatics can contribute to extract value out of long-read sequencing technologies (opportunities) and what problems it has to overcome to achieve this aim (challenges)
  4. To learn and practice the skills of scientific writing.

Write a review covering the challenge and opportunities of bioinformatics to analyze the data generated from long-read sequencing technologies (e.g. Oxford Nanopore). Include in the review, a detailed description of *one* specific application of long-reads sequencing technologies using a paper (or closely related series of papers) that you have found from PubMed or a similar source. Comment as well, from a general perspective, on how such type of sequencing technologies is challenging (and changing) conventional bioinformatics tools.

Marks will be awarded for:

  • General description of long-read sequencing technologies: 20%
  • Bioinformatic tools for long-read sequencing technologies: 15%
  • Description of a specific biological/biomedical application: 15%
  • Challenges to conventional bioinformatics: 20%
  • Writing style, structure: 10%
  • Good use of Figures: 10%
  • Correct use of citations and good references: 10%

It is VERY important that you use references and citations correctly and do not copy material from other sources without correctly citing it. Please see the University information on plagiarism.


A finished review paper, addressing the sections listed above of at most 2000 words. Use headings and subheadings as necessary. Use the layout and reference style required by the journal Bioinformatics.


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