Students have a choice of 3 research-based exercises. Whichever topic you choose this is an opportunity to summarize and apply the knowledge and understanding you will gain in your course and relate it to your research, wider reading and experience of cabaret.
Write a script for a 30-minute cabaret show OR a 30-minute radio program about cabaret artist(s) or era(s).
REQUIREMENTS: Submit a script, list of songs and a 1000-word commentary/analysis on the process of selection, artistic influence/consideration, area of research, etc. BOTH options require at least 4 academic references. Other sources will also be required – please make sure these are authoritative and high quality.
1(A) CABARET SHOW: Script will include all linking dialogue, banter, stories etc. Submit copies of sheet music/lyrics/lead sheets, as well as stage directions. Support documents will detail your artistic and performance considerations, research into the chosen artist/genre/songs/style etc. Please show your artistic influences and concepts that helped create your particular show.

Research an artist/style/era of the cabaret genre that interests you, either one that is covered in the course or by negotiation with your tutors. Your focus for analysis will include questions such as: What makes your chosen focus ‘cabaret’? Why is it important to the genre? What is extraordinary/groundbreaking about their practice/that genre/era? What influence did they/it have on cabaret? What did they/it contribute to your understanding of cabaret? What aspects of the theories and practice covered in this course and readings can you see reflected in the topic? Your paper will need a specific focus for your research, rather than a general overview of the topic.
You will need at least 6 academic references and at least 4 other good quality and authoritative sources (eg biographies, artist websites, interviews, etc), as well as examples/illustrations/clips etc.

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