Reflective Time Summary 15% PDH 50 Section 010 Fall 2019 .
Assignments are to be submitted electronically. Write the name of the assignment, your name, the date of submission, course code, section number, and professor’s name on the title page. Any papers not submitted properly electronically will NOT be marked.

WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT Working individually, students are required to write a short personal time reflection essay based on the questions provided.

PURPOSE This assignment serves to assist students in recognizing how they spend their individual time, and reflect on areas that add or take away from the goals that they plan to achieve.

REQUIREMENTS Compose a 2-3 page typed paper using APA format (no abstract or reference sheet required). Refer to APA folder in blackboard for resources. Proper spelling and grammar are essential. PROOF READ AND HAVE SOMEONE ELSE PROOF READ!! Ensure all questions are answered and expanded on. Refer to rubric for grading.

GRADING Assignment will be graded out of 100 and worth 15% of your overall mark. Refer to attached Grading Sheet for allocation of marks. Ensure essay is written in a manner that represents the mark distribution.

LATE ASSIGNMENTS This assignment is to be submitted as per requirements stated above. Late assignments will receive a 10% deduction after the due date and then 10 % per day up to 2 more days, before receiving a zero.

Feel free to use a calendar template or schedule with times such as Microsoft Outlook Calendar if desired etc.

2. In essay form, write out the results of your time inventory. Example: “After logging the hours that I slept for the last seven days, I found that I slept for 56 hours. However, they were not equally dispersed into 8 hours a night. I seem to catch up on sleep throughout the weekends.”

3. Identify 2 areas that you would like to improve upon, with regards to how you spend your time. Explain why you would like to make those changes, and who will be affected by those changes (family, peers, co-workers, etc). How will the positive changes benefit your future goals?

4. Write a SMART goal for 1 of the changes that you would like to make. Be sure that your goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (refer to class notes). Explain in detail every component.

5. Discuss how you plan to execute your SMART goal, and how your plan will help you moving forward.

Time log summary for 1 week
Identified in essay format comprehensive time log for 1 week
Some minor issues with time log or essay format.
Many issues with time log, not essay format, missing information /25
Identify 2 areas to change, who it will affect, benefits to future goals
Reflect on 2 areas that change is required in. Clear benefits explained, including others affected by change
Some minor issues with reflection, benefits, or others affected by change
Little/no reflection, no benefits to future goals or how it affects others
SMART goal created and explained for 1 of the previously identified areas
Comprehensively explained SMART goal created (breakdown for each component)
Intermediate SMART goal created
Little/no SMART goal created (little or no explanation breakdown)
Plan to execute SMART goal and benefits to future
Comprehensive plan to execute SMART goal and clearly explains benefits.
Intermediate plan to execute SMART goal some benefits.
Little/no plan, missing benefits.
Flow of paper Essay is easy to follow, content is clear and makes sense
Some minor issues with flow of ideas, sometimes unclear
Many issues with flow, hard to follow, unclear

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