1-Download latest 12 to 16 research articles relevant to your topic and area of computer vision/image processing (particular to your topic: Classification, Segmentation, Image Analysis etc.). The literature review articles (atleast 10) must need to latest (2014 or new). They need to be from well-known Journals and Conferences and must need to be related to your topic that will be searched/downloaded from https://scholar.google.com/.

2- Write down the 6 to 8 lines description of each paper as part of the Literature Review (each paper description must need to include: article used technique, the data set used for experiments and resultant accuracy/performance) etc.

3-Overall, the assignment 2 must need to have at least minimum 1000 words to maximum 1200 words for literature review (references words will not be counted) depending upon your topic and the selected literature review papers.

4-Students also need to add the selected topics references list at the end of report (in references heading) in APA style based on the same numbering order as references in the text.

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