Learning Outcome:

LO2:   Develop and justify a project plan for a given scenario LO3:   Appraise project management roles and skills LO4:   Analyze project risks and constraints.


Assignment brief:

Develop and justify a plan giving a clear analysis of risks and constraints of an identified project. Appraise the roles and skills required to successfully undertake the project.

Your Programme Management report should be constructed using either:- a) One of the scenarios outlined in the Case Study Sheet for this assessment (see below) b) A project of your own choice (This can be your work based project).

You should include the following:

  1. An introduction including an appraisal of the project aims and objectives.( 15 marks)
  2. A detailed Project Plan including:- I. An overview of the Project II. An analysis of the stakeholders and their requirements III. An analysis of the required resources to facilitate the project.
  3. An assessment of the risks of the plan.  V. A critical path analysis of the project including a Gantt Chart (Or similar structure) representing the timescales of the project. VI. A copy of the supporting documentation/ forms.(60 marks)
  4. An evaluation of your research methodology for the project.(15 marks)
  5. Write in a grammatically correct style and provide in text referencing throughout, including quotes, referenced according to the Harvard Referencing System. Provide a correctly formatted Reference List. (10 marks)

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