2) The Essay should consist of three chapters as follows:
Chapter 1) A ONE page (single-spaced) introduction to your topic. Explain why this topic is important to study and give me background that will help me understand the biological AND social issues surrounding the topic. Also tell me who is most affected by this problem and what has been done so far to address it.
Chapter 2) ONE page that begins with a thesis statement, e.g. your recommendation on how to improve the public health issue you researched. The rest of this chapter should consist of supporting your thesis with evidence from your research.
Chapter 3) A list of ALL of your sources in APA format. If you found additional sources since turning in your annotated bibliography (which is totally OK), please make sure to include them here. Do NOT include the annotation that you submitted earlier, just a list of sources in APA.

Try to keep to one page each for chapters 1 and 2 but it you go over a little bit, that is OK.

Use the sources that i did in my annotated biblography and please add three more. Also if you can change the topic name into something better that will be great.

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