This essay is for my third year 6 level interprofessional education module.In this essay you need to talk about social work but in the context of interprofessional boundaries. Make sure you answered the question and answer the question according to learning outcome. This essay is about THE UK ,so make sure you know about the role of social workers in the UK. The essay must be written for the UNITED KINGDOM.
Our tutor asked as to read this articles: Human Factors:The Dirty dozen in CTG misinterpretation. From the Global Journal of Reproductive medicine to have an idea about what to write about on essay. Can you please read it? she also asked to watch on you tube Safe Administration of Intrathecal Chemotherapy and Conjoined Twins an impossible decision to understand the essay. This essay is about working with different professionals collaboratively in clinical setting and in community as a social worker. Go and watch in you tube “CONJOINED TWINS AN IMPOSSIBLE DECISION” to have little idea about what social workers does. And this video is recommended to us to write this essay. She asked us to choose 2 human factors (dirty dozen) and focus on them out of 12 human factors. You need to come out with all learning outcome and skill and attributes. Make sure you evidence your essay with references and use citation through out the essay when you claim something. And make sure that you write DIO when you use journal at the reference page. I do not want to ask review for it. this essay about interprofessional practice, interprofessional collaboration.
Module Content
1. The module will address: Inter-professional and collaborative working strategies including overcoming boundaries between professions;
2. Current Government policies impacting on health and social care  provision; Health and social care initiatives, strategies and developments  related to service delivery and service improvement;

3. Evidence-informed practice in light of service user experience.

Learning Outcomes Level 6

1. Analyze inter-professional and collaborative working strategies that may be used to overcome boundaries between professions;

2. Evaluate service delivery in relation to their professional role;

3. Apply and evaluate the extent to which their specialist knowledge contributes to
patient/service-user experience.

Skills and Attributes;
• Demonstrate the skills of autonomy and be able to interact effectively in inter-
professional discussion.
Also, please do not put subheading throughout the essay. just write as normal essay.
Also, can you read all of the file completely, thoughtfully I have uploaded to be able to write this essay as each of them explain something else. which is necessary for this essay

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