Aims and research questions;
This research project aims to analyze the extent to which South Korean hip hop is heard and perceived in western contexts and to explore recommendations on how western audiences are easily made aware of this. In order to achieve this aim, there will be a review of literature on market demands and a primary research will look to answer the following research questions:
– Are Western hip hop music genre fans aware of South Korean hip hop artists? Which artist is the most known in South Korea?
– What perception does western countries have on hip hop music? How is it different from South Korean hip hop?
– What recommendations can be given to South Korean hip hop artists to attract western hip hop fans?

This is the aims and research questions

Below there is a Disseration handbook which gives the perfect mark scheme please look carefully on that!!!! Also, I am uploading Dissertation research proposal which is already been marked. It is a proposal so that you can elaborate it from here. There are feebacks from the proposal regarding the proposal so please elaborate from the feedback professor have given
Also, there is a file of survey done. The survey questions are attached with the proposal and in the file of survey result it is written in order so do look at the survey questions and results together

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