Order: Detailed Analysis
Words count: 2 x 2,000 words each => total: around: 4,000 words
Order details:
Task Description Drawing from your own contributions to Part 1 (Order #556742, about “Apple Inc: Managing a Global Supply Chain”), and lessons learned from the course material, you are now asked to provide a detailed analysis and discussion of the topics below relating to the relevant case study:

1. Assess the evolving environment in which the organization operates,

2. Analyze the strategic challenges facing the organization and the corresponding choices to be taken,

3. How can the organization leverage past performance to create a sustainable strategy for future success.
Where applicable, you can use independent sources, i.e. valid additional resources relevant to the case study. Clearly state any assumptions you have made.
Your analysis should be based on the circumstances that prevailed at the time of the case study setting.

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