Using the Grand hotel Reviews :
Work out the average score per characteristic and tabulate the answers in ranking order from the highest score to the lowest. Briefly describe the results and make any comments on your perception of what the results indicate in terms of the guests’ priorities in relation to customer satisfaction.
From the comments in the reviews, and using the same 6 characteristics that are used in the numerical grading, identify what you believe are the characteristics that are the most frequently mentioned in the guest feedback. You may wish to do this by color-coding the references to each of the characteristics or to actually count the frequency of the use of words associated with each of them ( find attached an example of how the color-coding was applied)
From this analysis, identify if there are similarities or differences in the grades that guests give in a quantitative grade compared with the qualitative comments in the text. In conclusion, what areas of the hotel’s CVP do you believe the hotel’s management should be focusing on as a priority.

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