• Use simple words make sure all the words you use are exactly what you mean for example intrafamily organization = family dynamics? I don’t not understand what you mean by intrafamily organization? read through there is more like this please fix.
  • Literature Jensen: doesn’t make sense to what Jensen writes or means read properly she doesn’t argue what you have written about her.
  • You need to say exactly what you are arguing in this chapter
  • Clarify the economic section as it does not make sense wording is confusing use simpler words and be clear.
  • What do you mean by nonspecialist theory clarify? There’s more like this read and fix please.
  • The last sentence in lit gap doesn’t seem like a gap from what you have been reviewing change this.
  • Focus on clarity of writing generally use simpler words so they make sense otherwise I don’t understand what you mean by some words that you use which don’t make snse at all.

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