What aspects of your life affected your development as a learner? Consider experiences from preschool, elementary school, high school, college, and graduate school.
Which of these theories, philosophies, and principles were embodied by the teachers you previously had? How did these enhance or inhibit your development as a learner?
What insights have you gained from these events that could help you consider the dos and don’ts in your own teaching practice?
How have these events affected your current educational practice?
What lessons will you consider in your work based on your reflections about your own development as an adult?
Now that you have factored for your foundational learning experiences and reflected on the literature, consider your personal teaching philosophy. How have your individual learning experiences, coupled with your integration of key principles you are learning here, influenced your personal philosophy?

For part two of this assignment, imagine that you are being interviewed for a job as an adult educator. The interviewer asks you to define your personal teaching philosophy. Write a paragraph or two explaining your personal teaching philosophy as you would in a job interview.

Assignment Expectations
To complete this assignment successfully, you will be expected to:

Reflect on your personal learning experiences.
Analyze the potential impact of personal attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors on individual teaching practice.
Identify events that have influenced your personal philosophy.
Integrate individual learning experiences to create a personal teaching philosophy.
Communicate knowledge in a manner that is concise, balanced, and logically organized. Apply current APA style and formatting.

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