Read and follow the instructions below. No copying and pasting and no plagiarism.
Instructions for the Historical Facts Essay found in the novel, The Last of the Mochicans, by James Fennimore Cooper.
No plagiarism or copying and pasting please. This has to be your own thoughts, along with the sources you cite. Do not forget the works cited page please
Compose a five paragraph essay in MLA style with a Works Cited page that discusses some of the historical facts used by James Fennimore Cooper in his novel, The Last of the Mohicans. As there are too many historical facts in the novel to use in a short essay, limit your choices to those that interest you the most: actual people represented in the novel; actual locations and names of forts and towns; actual battles and various skirmishes and attacks; and so forth. Your essay should be based on research and documentation of the sources you used for your information/quotes in your essay. Feel free to include historical photographs and drawings that you may find during the course of your research
Use the sample MLA format. The link below gives full information on using MLA style: (Links to an external site.) Use 12 point Times New Roman, double space, use the tab key to indent at the beginning of each paragraph and do not use the enter key at the end of each line.
Be sure to have a Works Cited page, even if the novel is your only source.
Important Note: When you submit your essay to Canvas, it will be automatically scanned for “cut and paste” or plagiarism. If your paper or parts of it have been lifted or taken from another source, you will not receive credit for the submission. There are no “second chances” if you submit a “copied” or plagiarized essay.
These are the instructions for this essay.Follow them. Do NOT plagiarize or cut and paste anything within this essay. Add pictures too, this essay has to be your own word plus the things you cite. Make sure you compose a works cited page.

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