1. Many analysts have noted a “gender” gap in U.S. elections, with women more likely to vote for the Democratic candidate. A sample of university faculty has been asked about their political party preference. Do their responses indicate a significant relationship between gender and party preference for this group? (10 points)
Party preference Male Female Totals
Democrat 10 15 25
Republican 15 10 25
Totals 25 25 50


  • What is the column variable (independent variable)? What is the row variable (dependent variable)? (2 points)
  • What is the value of column marginal? (1 point)
  • In order to examine whether there is a significant relationship between gender and party preference for this group, please first state the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis (two-tailed) (1 points)
  • Since two variables are both nominal level variables, chi-square analysis should be conducted to examine the relationship between gender and party preference. Please conduct chi-square analysis and report the findings.
  1. Construct an expected frequency table (1 points)
  2. Construct a computation table and calculate the Chi-square value (see example on lecture week 11_chi-square, page 10). (2 points)
  3. Given the alpha level you selected and degree of freedom, compare chi-square (critical) and Chi-square (obtained), make the decision and state conclusion (1 points)


  • Compute column percentage for the table to clarify the patter of the relationship. Which gender is more likely to prefer the Democrats? (2 points)
  1. Occupational prestige score for a sample of fathers and their oldest daughter are presented below. Analyze the relationship between father’s and daughter’s prestige (5 points)


Family Father’s Prestige Daughter’s Prestige
A 80 82
B 78 77
C 75 68
D 70 77
E 69 60
F 66 52
G 64 48
H 52 57


  1. Compute the slop (b) and find the intercept (a) (Hint: construct the computation table as Table 13.3 in Healey’s book) (2 points)
  2. State the regression line (equation). (0.5 points)
  3. What prestige score would you predict for a daughter whose father had a prestige score of 72? (0.5 point)
  4. Compute r and r2 and interpret these two indicators in a sentence or two.

(2 points)


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