Construct an argument based on the evidence you have read from Thucydides and Neil MacGregor readings. Do not cut and paste from an alternative source that touches on that topic in a way that is not relevant to these prompts.
Demonstrate knowledge of the set reading: There is no requirement to do additional secondary reading or research beyond what has been supplied to you with particular readings. Your priority should be to demonstrate that you have read, analysed and understood the materials that you were given. Reading an additional source such as an on-line encyclopaedia is not a substitute for thorough engagement with the primary material.
You are encouraged to give supplementary examples from your own knowledge or wider thinking as long as you also show knowledge of the contents of the set reading.
Give and cite evidence: Provide direct quotation to support those interpretations. You should also give exact page numbers specifying where these quotations occur. Select those aspects of the primary texts and other materials that are most relevant to the topic and organize your evidence into a coherent structure.

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