Contact a local children’s services agency and see if you can talk with a social worker or supervisor about their approach to coordination and collaboration with other organizations. What is their approach? What strengths and weakness do they see? What barriers do they frequently encounter in their work to provide help or resources to clients? If they could change something about the community’s approach what do they think would improve outcomes for their clients? Document your interview, the responses and your thoughts in a 2-page journal entry.

In a 2 to 3-page reflection, evaluate the systems of care policy model for its potential to impact the provision and delivery of clinical services in your community. Describe the pros and cons of its impact on human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice for youth and families. How can the model be used to address all of these? Finally, based on the information you gained from your interview identify at least two next steps you could take as a social worker using the systems of care policy approach to improve outcomes for youth or reduce barriers to care. Be specific regarding what you would do, meeting you might have, people to talk to, planning or coloration activities you could lead, etc.

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