Microsoft Access Assignment CMAP120
25 Total Points/-2 each error, omission, misspelling, etc.; -5 Each Object missing or big concept not completed correctly
Create a database with the subject/category of your choice. Determine a category for your database where you can create 15 records that have multiple characteristics. (An example might be a book or music collection, sports team you follow, musician/band you like, books you’ve read or would like to read restaurants you visit, colleges you’d like to apply to, places you have or would like to visit etc.) Have it be something you can research on the Internet or have tangible items you can look at to populate your table – no personal address books.
Name the database file XXXX.accdb. Replace the XXXX with the topic of your database. The database name should be the broad name of what will be inside it. If I were creating a database on the history of the Pittsburgh Steeler Coaches I would call mine Steeler Coaches.accdb, as an example.
A. Design one table with at least:

a. 6 Fields (can have more, but not more than 10)

b. Correct datatypes for your fields

c. Make property changes as needed to each field. At the very least change the field sizes; none should be 255.

d. A primary key Field other than ID with an Auto Number (ID with Auto Number is a default, I’d like you to replace that with your Primary Key field; keeping Auto Number as a Datatype might be okay with your data)

e. One field should have a drop-down box (Lookup Wizard Datatype)

f. Name the table appropriately, there should be no tables named Table1, for instance.

B. Populate the table with at least 15 records. Make sure all the data shows—adjust columns as needed. (No more than 25 records).

C. Create a form using a wizard for your database using any format of your choice. Use all fields in the Form. Name the form with the same name as your table.

D. Query the table, have at least one criteria, and name the query based on what’s in it. You can have as many of the fields showing as necessary to show what you’re trying to accomplish, but do not have all the fields in the query or showing.

E. Create a report, using a wizard, based on all fields in the Query, using any suitable format. Save the report giving it an appropriate name.

TO SUBMIT YOUR COMPLETED ACCESS ASSIGNMENT: Do not submit until you are done and database is ready to be graded; save and close your file and know where you saved it.

1) Click on Course Content on BlackBoard Course Menu.

2) Click on Access Assignment title.

3) Scroll down some and choose Browse My Computer.

4) Find your file you’d like to submit, select it and hit Open.

5) You will see file name and know file is attached. 6) Click Submit.

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