The Key Assignment is due in the final IP. In part one you are asked to write a paper regarding the use of technology in HLS and conclude with the your recommendations to the President. In part two you are asked to provide an executive summary on the role of technology in counterterrorism strategy. The total number of pages for parts one and two are five or more. Remember that this minimum page count does not include the cover page and the reference list. For a few of you who are not using APA I have now notified you multiple times on how APA is the writing style used in this program and how you need to use APA formatting for your in-text and reference list citations. Please heed this requirement as by not using APA your grade will be noticeable reduced.
Assignment: Part 1 Must be new materiel with abstract, introduction and conclusion.
Taking all of your findings into consideration, including peer and instructor feedback, as well as your work in Week 4, submit the final draft of your Key Assignment. For the assignment, you will be drafting a report summarizing the role of technology in society and assessing the efforts of the United States to harness it to reduce the threat of terrorism.
The paper will focus on the following:
• Consideration of strategic, operational, and tactical uses of technology.
• Identification and assessment of alternative polices to address a homeland security (HLS) technology challenge.
• Respective roles of the public and private sectors in developing, employing, and funding HLS technologies.
• Consideration of ethics and privacy in the employment of technology.
Your paper will conclude with a policy proposal that includes recommendations to the President of the United States on the following:
• Should the United States stay on the current course of technological investment?
• Should the United States increase technological investment (and if so, how), or abandon current development in favor of an alternative strategy (and if so, what)?
Key Assignment: Part 2
Create a user guide of terrorist threats, U.S. counterterrorism (CT) strategy and documents, and the technological solutions in this strategy. Provide an executive summary that explains the following:
• What is the U.S. CT strategy?
• What role does technology play in this strategy?
• Do you think the U.S. can eventually eliminate terrorism? Why or why not?
Support your arguments with authoritative sources and apply appropriate APA formatting guidelines.

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