PART B Individual written coursework of 2,000 words (60% of overall grade)
As an individual select an organization of your choice.
Based on research and analysis of your chosen organizations market, competitors and consumers, you are required to outline and propose technology-based innovations which could assist in create a high degree of added value for a target group of consumers.
As part of this task, you are required to respond to the following:
1) Using market, competitor and consumer secondary/primary research relating to the organization you have ,chosen, identify, outline and critically evaluate an opportunity or issue which may warrant a technology-based innovation.
2) Critically assess the type of innovation they should choose and the process of innovation they should go ,through.
3) Describe the innovation solution in-depth.
4) Critically assess how they should protect the new innovation.
Each element above should be given equal weight in your coursework.
You must critically research and apply in your coursework relevant academic theory and sources, course concepts and
frameworks and industry material, fully referenced using the Harvard system.

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