Critically discuss how and why the judiciary use Case management via the Civil

procedure Rules in Civil cases at the following stages in the Civil Procedure


1) Allocation

2) Costs

1) & 2) carry equal marks and ensure you use relevant statute and case law.

Knowledge and Understanding

1. Evaluate the core elements which enable an act of litigation;

2. Understand full trial process, including any possible pre-action steps;

3. Explain when any case may be terminated without a trial as well as the use of offers of

settlement and other remedies; and

4. Understand and analyse orders and judgments, from enforcement to appeal.

Practical, Professional or Subject Specific Skills

5. Application and understanding of the civil litigation process; and

6. Ability to recognise the relevance of the essay to the law and the changes in civil

litigation that have recently occurred in relation to post Briggs and Covid and affected

the civil litigation process.

Transferable Skills and other Attributes

7. Demonstrate the ability to write in a clear and unambiguous manner using correct

terminology and utilising accurate referencing techniques;

Assessment Information/Brief


8. Using a range of primary and secondary sources of information, law reports, statutes,

statistical data and socio-legal research;

9. Apply library based (conventional and electronic) research skills to research relevant

issues; and

10. Structure opinions on civil litigation that are objective and ethical.

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