Coursework Brief:

Critically evaluate the advances/progress in treatment for cystitis in the past 10 years.

Introduction should include, an overview of the disease (brief presentation, detrimental effects, and most importantly the pathophysiology)

Rather than delving into “Current treatments for disease x are…” to demonstrate an understanding of the principles of what makes the disease tick, why it’s important that there is current research, and ultimately why current trends in research in it are targeting whatever aspect (biomarker, medicinal, gene therapy etc) that becomes the thrust of your evaluation of where we are with treating that disease.

In your submission you must include a minimum of 10 references from appropriate and academically robust sources, either google scholar or Pubmed.. You may cover treatment advances from bench work up to and including clinical trials and that may now be in clinical use. You must establish the burden of the disease and the need for research into its treatment. You must give your work an appropriate title as the heading of the document.

Argument – a clear and sustained, coherent argument with substantiated opinions and clear, robust conclusions
Reading – clear evidence of integration of wide range of sources within the core text, with no errors (i.e. references provide more than proof of reading/fact collection), compelling argument throughout. clear evidence of breadth and depth of reading that enhances the overall structure of the work and includes comparison of reference material
Structure – excellently structured, focused and well written presentation
Evaluation – clear evidence of independent thought and critical analysis comparing wider literature, a mature analysis with in-depth critical thinking
Subject knowledge – knowledge and understanding is comprehensive in both breadth and depth, demonstrating accuracy and relevance throughout. Clear demonstration of extensive knowledge beyond the immediate subject area


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