Essay (65% total)
Setting the scene Joan Williams is an 88-year-old who, until 2 weeks ago was living alone in her flat in Echuca an area of regional Victoria. Joan had managed very well on her own with family support and by reducing her daily activities. She is now quite frail, very tired and with advanced scoliosis which affects her mobility and increases her falls risk. Joan did not want to go to a nursing home as she is afraid of making new friends who she knows she will lose. She also loves watching T.V until midnight and sleeps until midday. Joan has now been in the nursing home for 8 days in a single room.
Part A (20%) 500 words

• Search and use a minimum of 10 quality peer reviewed references

• Develop a one-page overview of Part B of your essay

• Introduce the general topic of your essay in an interesting way.

• Give background or context which gives relevance to your discussion points. Ensure you support your discussions with recent, relevant peer reviewed journal articles.

• List subtopics/themes to indicate the order of discussion to follow (each theme mentioned in the introduction, is addressed in the same order in the body). A brief definition may belong in the introduction. Keep all information relatively general (no detailed evidence until Part B).
List the 10 references in the body of Part A The 10 references that you have chosen for Part A are to be listed at the end of the discussion using the APA 6 Referencing style.
Part B (45%) 1500 words (to be submitted once you have received and read the feedback from Part A)

• Introduction (approximately 100 words)

• Define & discuss the concepts of person-centred care in contemporary Australian health settings (500 words)

• Choose one of the legal and ethical concepts from the list below. o Autonomy o Beneficence o Non-maleficence o Justice

• Provide a short discussion of the definition of your chosen concept and provide one example, with references to support your ideas, of how the Registered Nurse can deliver ‘person centred care’ for Joan (500 words). Remember to use an academic paragraph structure.
• Using the evidence from the research you have found describe the application of one of the 7 Standards of Practice, Registered Nurses’ deliver when caring for Joan Williams, as she adjusts to moving into a Nursing Home.(approx 500 words)

• Conclusion (approximately 100 words)

• Select one of the following 7 Nursing Standards for Practice to discuss. The Registered nurse standards for practice consist of the following seven standards:

1. Thinks critically and analyses nursing practice.

2. Engages in therapeutic and professional relationships.

3. Maintains the capability for practice.

4. Comprehensively conducts assessments. 5. Develops a plan for nursing practice.

6. Provides safe, appropriate and responsive quality nursing practice.

7. Evaluates outcomes to inform nursing practice.
Document is available via the following link:
Assignment instructions
• Use headings for part A & B

• Include an introduction and conclusion (the word limit of your total essay must remain within + or – 10% of 1500 words = 1350-1750 words)

• Write in third person tense • Referencing APA version 6.

• Suggestions for minimum of 10 quality references, for example: o 2 credible websites o 2 government organisations o 6-7 peer reviewed journal articles o 1 text book

• Resources available to assist with this assessment task: Peer Learning Advisor (PLA); Studiosity; Achieve@Uni

• For Part B it is suggested you review the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) Registered Nurse Standards for Practice, the Code of Ethics for Nurses, the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses and the National Safety and Quality Health Standards (NSQHS), standard 2, ‘Partnering with Consumers’ as a foundation for your discussion.
• Dot points are not to be used.
Notes The focus of the essay topic is on concepts and implementation of a person-centred approach. You should not define and research scoliosis. This information is to paint a picture and allow you to apply concepts of what might be a feasible person-centred approach for Joan.

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