The topic is on ​Stormwater Infrastructure / Stormwater Management​ in Chicago, Illinois. Sources should be about Chicago but you can use other sources from other areas to compare and contrast. Below you will find how the paper should be written and seems pretty straightforward. Thank you again for your time because I’m too busy studying for my finals and don’t want to fail this class haha.
Your task in this assignment is to make a convincing argument for why your perspective on the issue you are examining should be taken seriously. In the written report, this will involve an opening paragraph that describes the issue examined and your perspective, a section that discusses the existing research on the topic, and a section that provides new evidence supporting your point of view on the issue. The conclusion of the written report should then discuss elements of your topic that need further examination. Proper and consistent citation in APA style is required for the written report.
Assignment must be in a 12-point font with standard 1” margins, 8 pages. Bibliography not included in the page count. APA style.
Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Conduct academic research drawing from multiple sources in multiple media.
2. Read texts in a variety of disciplines and genres, using critical reading strategies.
3. Defend a position in relation to the range of ideas surrounding a topic
4. Construct a logically supported argument.
5. Demonstrate knowledge of writing as a process, including consideration of peer and instructor feedback, from initial draft to final revision.
6. Demonstrate sentence-level correctness.
Evaluation Criteria:
● Clear introduction is present that outlines your topic, the issues associated with that topic, and the argument presented by your report ● Existing research is arranged in a logical order that supports your argument ● Evidence used is reliable and relevant to your research ● Concluding section presents a clear plan for research and/or a plan for action associated with your topic ● Final sources (minimum of eight required) are properly cited in text as well as in the bibliography using APA style ● At least four sources are published by experts on the topic (University Faculty, Government Agency, or Non-Profit Think Tank) ● Appropriate use of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary

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