BSc (Hons) Nursing / Registered Nurse

Leading and Managing in Professional Practice
Assessment Title: Essay
Assessment Details
You will submit a 3000-word essay in which you will:
1. Critically evaluate literature on the role of leadership and management in healthcare practice in one of the three identified areas.
2. Reflect on your formative group experiences and the implications for your future role as a registered practitioner.
Choose from one of the following three topics:
• Personal and professional development of self and others.
• Resource Management, compassionate care and ethical practice.
• Working in partnership with users, carers and families.

Marking Criteria;

Marking Criteria: in this piece of work you will be expected to: Proportion of marks
Identify, with rationale, the chosen topic and discuss its relevance to contemporary health care practice.
You will:
• Indicate which of the three topics is the focus of your work giving a rationale for your choice.
• Give an introduction to the topic and discuss its importance to current health care practice 15%
In relation to your chosen topic, critically evaluate the key issues in the literature with regard to leadership and management, using examples from practice to illustrate its application.
You will:
• Critically evaluate theoretical principles related to leadership and management using examples/ experiences from clinical practice to support your arguments.
• Support your work with relevant literature and peer reviewed sources 45%
Reflect on your learning with regards to the importance of team working and group processes, using examples from formative group work undertaken during the course of module delivery to illustrate these principles.
You will:
• Draw upon examples/ experiences from formative group activities to support your argument.
• Reflect on your learning in relation to key principles of team working and group processes.
• Consider why team working is important to health care.
• Support your work with relevant literature and peer reviewed sources 15%
Reflect on how your learning from this module will influence and inform your future practice as a registered practitioner.
You will;
• Reflect on how you can apply your learning to your future practice, including examples of inter-professional working 15%
Demonstrate logical and coherent development in your work. It must be clearly presented
You will:
• Structure your essay in a logical manner including an introduction and summary or conclusion.
• Demonstrate a coherent line of discussion 5%

Use an accurate and recognized referencing system.
You will:
• Use Harvard referencing.
• Include an accurate and complete reference list.

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