Purpose – Demonstrate the acquisition of the following item from the BACB Fifth Edition Task List,
describe and explain behavior from the perspective of radical behaviorism (A-3).

What To Do – Write a paper comparing and contrasting Methodological (Watsonian) Behaviorism and Radical Behaviorism. Below are the points that should be included.
Begin by explaining what Methodological and Radical Behaviorism are. Discuss their key components.
Then go on to compare and contrast the two behaviorisms.
Discuss how (if at all) each behaviorism accounts for private events/mentalisms (compare/contrast).
Discuss how (if at all) the behaviorisms approach application with humans/animals (compare/contrast). Include both in the beginning of the development of the specific philosophy and if the philosophy continued to develop in how it approaches humans/animals.
Discuss the differences between what environmental contingencies each behaviorism considers. This should include what environmental factors such as antecedent and consequences are included as part of the philosophy.
Provide a conclusion with a summary of findings.

Other Requirements – The paper should be no more than 3 pages long, 1-2 to pages is fine as long as all necessary requirements are completed. The paper must be written using a clear and organized writing style and language. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation is necessary. APA Style should be used for citations throughout, including a reference page. Avoid use of mentalistic language throughout paper.
Sources – At least 3 sources to verify your statements and information provided should be sufficient. Ensure you are using reliable sources. Reliable sources are scientific sources, not blogs or popular media.
Behavior Analyst Certification Board. (2017). BACB Fifth Edition Task List. Littleton, CO: BACB.

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